Handheld Tuners

Get the most out of your car with High performance tuning flash programmers in a sleek handheld design. Inside the handheld's memory are the actual tuning files that optimize spark timing , air/fuel ratio curves, and transmission parameters. Load these into your HEMI ride for personalization of your driving characteristics. 
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Arrington introduces a fully functional handheld tune loader for 2011-2012 HEMI Vehicles!Available and shipping now the API Black Box Handheld Tuner is fully capable of loading complete tunes into the GPEC ECUs. These handheld tuners are now shipping with no additional cost with all 2011+2012 8 LB and 12 LB Supercharger Kits. These handheld tuners are also available as a standalone loader for $379. This unit comes preloaded and coded for your vehicle with a Premium Octane tune ready for... 
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Dimensions:8 x 8 x 4
Weight:2.0 lbs
Exhaust Gas Temperature for Trinity Tuners: For those who need the ultimate in precision HEMI tuning, the DiabloSport EGT Module integrates seamlessly with the Trinity T-1000. The DiabloSport Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Module accurately measures the exhaust gas temperature of any internal combustion engine. Although a Trinity is not required, the DiabloSport EGT module is manufactured specifically to interface with the DiabloSport Trinity and its best features will be unleashed when the... 
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Weight:7.0 lbs
SHIPPING NOW! DiabloSport inTune Tuning System ShopHEMI is now accepting orders for the DiabloSport inTune; I-1000 are shipping now. Place your order today to be one of the first to own DiabloSport's newest tuner. What is the Diablosport inTune? The DiabloSport inTune is the next generation of tuning tools, a total revolution in the tuning industry. The inTune contains innovative features that are more advanced than any other company in the aftermarket can offer.... 
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Weight:3.0 lbs
Now Accepting Orders -  DiabloSport inTune Tuning System The I-1000-DCX may now be ordered ; Estimated ship date for all orders placed on the 7th will be January 21st 2013. Due to high demand for 2011+ Dodge tuners, supplies may be limited at initial launch so make sure to get your order in as soon as possible. What is the Diablosport inTune? The DiabloSport inTune is the next generation of tuning tools, a total revolution in the tuning industry. The inTune contains innovative features that... 
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Weight:3.0 lbs
Diablosport Trinity OBD2 Cable: Note, Diablosport has modified their current generation of Trinity tuners so that they no longer require this OBD2 cable.Does your Trinity cable interfere with your driving? If so The DiabloSport Trinity Right Angle OBD2 Cable is what you need. This cable provides a 90 degree OBD2 end to give you some freedom under your vehicle's dash. Please check the configuration of your OBD2 port because this cable might not fit all applications. The DiabloSport T1025... 
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Weight:1.0 lbs
Performance Programmer The Trinity’s tuning options vary depending on the vehicle that is being tuned. Gasoline powered vehicles feature tunes based on minimum octane ratings while Diesels are based on Horse Power Ratings. By way of example, If you have a 2008 Chrysler 300C your options in the tuning menu might be: 93 Octane Performance tune, 91 Octane Performance Tune, and a 2007 F-350 with a 6.0L PowerStroke might have the options of stock, 40 HP, 65 HP, and 100 HP. (Note: These options... 
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Weight:5.0 lbs