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5.7 HEMI Based Stroker Engines

These 5.7 stroker engines start with an 08 and earlier 5.7 HEMI block and heads and add all the accessories needed to swap into your HEMI project car. 
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5.7 HEMI to 392 HEMI Stroker Our 392 HEMI built from a NEW 5.7 HEMI short block has the performance parts and power to win that you want for your classic muscle car, hotrod, drag strip dominator, or your daily driver. Our 392 HEMI Engine Kit is a part of our Arrington Signature Series which means our engineers have exhaustively studied and tested the designs and methods incorporated in this 5.7 HEMI short block to 392 HEMI build. This 392 HEMI kit starts with a 5.7 HEMI short block and packs... 
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Dimensions:53.18 x 49.45 x 59.61
Weight:314.0 lbs
6.7L HEMI Crate Motor Upgrade your 5.7L HEMI to our 6.7L HEMI.Drop up to 550 hp and 550 ft./lbs. of torque into your LX body currently sporting a 5.7L HEMI.This upgrade drops one liter of raw power into your Daytona Edition Charger, Chrysler 300C, Dodge Truck, or other LX, LC, truck bodies sporting the 5.7L HEMI without additional conversions or mount upgrade kits. The 6.7L HEMI is based on a heavily modified 5.7L HEMI Block and then finished off with Arrington Performance upgrades... 
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Dimensions:55 x 50 x 55
Weight:400.0 lbs
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