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2013 Dodge Challenger RT- Mr. Norms GSS-R
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When this build came in to the shop from Bosak Motors it was straight off the factory floor. Check out what this 2013 Dodge Challenger RT would become.

50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R

Mr. Norms GSS-R

This 2013 Challenger RT is featured in an upcoming Magazine article by Chrysler Power. Click Here To Read All About It.

By John Schultheis aka "The Kid"

"Almost two years ago I set out to develop a Challenger package like no other. With Chevrolet and Ford coming on strong with outrageous horsepower, I felt that it was time to give our Mopar customers some bragging rights of their own. So we at Bosak created 12 Challenger Demon packages.

While unique in their appearance and factory optioning and serializing, the original plan was to offer a 426 dealer installed option-a throwback to the days of Mr. Norm my mentor and his philosophy, "If the factory won't do it-I will!" Dodge wouldn't offer the 500+ horsepower needed to dominate the competition but that didn't deter me from wanting to fulfill the appetites for Chrysler enthusiast mammoth horsepower. Unfortunately, corporate controlled computer tuning put an end to this tire frying prospect and the 426 Hemi up-grade idea was tabled-(temporarily).However, as time went by, I never lost faith that there must be some way to offer the iconic 426 for modern Mopar owners.

Mr. Norm, my Coach;the man himself that gave Dodge owners what the Factory refused to give, was my day to day inspiration to make it happen. On top of that, a dear friend of mine was relentless in asking over and over, when I was going to build the Shelby Killer. The Arrington 6.4 based 426, 4.095" Bore x 4.050" Stroke.

So, 2013 rolls around and it's time to celebrate Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary in the Chrysler business. With a limited amount of 50th Anniversary Mr. Norm's GSS Challengers available, I knew that I had to have one myself and I also knew that it was time to give it the horsepower it deserved. Bosak Dodge, with the help of Arrington Performance has finally brought this supercharged 426 Hemi Powered Modern Mopar to the showroom. Serial #50 is the first 50th Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R to be produced. It features a Magnuson Supercharger with 12lbs. of boost and produces 689 rwhp and 698ft Ibs of torque.

Despite the computer lock designed into 2011 cars and beyond, Bosak Dodge, with the help of Arrington Performance has brought this supercharged 426 Hemi powered screamer to market. Arrington employs three Powertrain Calibration Engineers to ensure the flawless operation of the 6.4 based 426 Hemi.

Their machine shop validates deck surfaces and bore centerlines, CMM/CNC bores cylinders, line hones w/honing plate, hand clearances for the straker kit, removes all flashing, chamfers all 90 degree corners, radius's the bottom of all cylinder bores, balances the rotating assembly via lathe cut counter weights and a whole host of other proprietary block operations.

The rotating assembly features: Manley-Arrington spec forged steel crankshaft, Manley Forged H Beam bushed rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts, ARP main studs, Total Seal NASCAR grade steel piston rings, Arrington-Mahle 4032 forged pistons with 10.3:1 compression. Clevite H type main and rod bearings and Mopar Performance Block Plugs.

Final assembly includes: NASCAR grade block finish, Engineered High RPM Oil system, NASCAR grade rotating assembly setup, (including but not limited to micro polish all bearing surfaces), custom windage tray, CNC ported heads with multi angle valve job, PSI valve springs, retainers,locators and Viton valve seals and smoothed valve guides.

Cam timing comes from the install of Arrington API FI-4A Forced Induction cam: duration at .050 225 intake/235exhaust,lift .576intake,.584exhaust, with a 116 LSA; VVT lockout.

The result of all this, topped off by the Magnuson Supercharger with 12lbs. boost, long tube headers and three inch exhaust produced 689 rwhp and 698ft lbs of torque.

If you encounter one of those Bow Ties or Blue Ovals, beware... there's a GSS-R out there-and it might be for you! Contact Bosak Motors for more details on how you too can have your own Shelby Killer."


Article By: John Schultheis

Article Title: " Shelby Killers Trickle Down or...The Devil Made Me Do it."

Featured in: Chrysler Power, Oct. 2013 issue.

At Arrington Performance

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Arrington Performance 446 Engine
2013 Dodge Challenger RT
2013 Dodge Challenger RT
Arrington Performance 2013 Dodge Challenger RT

After BOSAK Motors

50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R
50TH Anniversary Mr. Norms GSS-R

  • Arrington Performance 6.4L Based 426CI Forged Long Block
  • 6.4L Heads
  • 6.4L LX/LC Magnuson Supercharger Kit w/ 12lb Upgrade
  • API 85MM Cold Air Intake
  • ATI 6.1L Hemi Super Damper
  • Siemens DEKA IV Mototron 80lb/HR High Impedence Injectors
  • API LX/LC Single Piggyback Fuel Pump Hat
  • API 2.650 Aluminum Supercharger Pulley
  • Arrington Twin Pulley Dog Bone Bracket
  • Arrington Billet Oil/Air Seperator
  • Challenger RST Clutch Kit
  • DSS 6.1 SRT8 1400HP AXLES (with Getrag LSD
  • Kooks 6.1L LX/LC Stainless Headers
  • Kooks High Flow Green Catalyst Mid Pipes
  • SLP 6.1/6.4L Challenger "Loud Mouth" Exhaust System
  • Arrington Custom Tune and Dyno