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392 HEMI Stroker 6.1L Short Block

Dimensions:60 x 50 x 60
Weight:300.0 lbs
Installation Skill Rating:
Arrington Performance
Base Price: $4,699.99
Price with Options: $4,699.99
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Short Block Upgrade Options  Click here for more information about this option...
Billet Steel Main Bearing Caps, Add $750.00
Coated Main and Rod Bearings, Add $150.00
Coated Piston Tops, Add $240.00
I-Beam Connecting Rods, Add $700.00

6.1 HEMI to 392 HEMI Stroker

Our 392 HEMI built from a NEW 6.1 HEMI short block has the performance parts and power to win that you want for your classic muscle car, hotrod, drag strip dominator, or your daily driver. Our 392 HEMI Engine Kit is a part of our Arrington Signature Series which means our engineers have exhaustively studied and tested the designs and methods incorporated in this 6.1 HEMI short block to 392 HEMI build.

This 392 HEMI kit starts with a 6.1 HEMI short block and packs in many of the same modifications and upgrades that our winning NASCAR HEMI Engines include. From its MOPAR HEMI base, this customizable 392 HEMI can be modified to come alive. By adding our custom engineered high performance cam package and our proprietary ported head package you can have this 6.1 HEMI short block in long block form with the powerful matching top end that this engine craves.

This 392 Hemi Engine kit doesn’t stop there though. You can carry your HEMI to the next level with our proprietary Ported intake manifold, 90mm throttle body, and Arrington Performance V-CAI90 cold air intake.

Build: 6.1 Liter Block to Approximately 392 CID
  • Bore:4.060
  • Stroke:3.795
  • CH:1.065
  • Target Compression:9.0 - 1
  • Short Block Compression:9.0 - 1
  • Achieved In Short block:Yes
K-1 Rotating Assembly:
  • Scat – Arrington 3.795 Stroker Kit w/4340-Steel Crankshaft.
  • Arrington Nascar Grade 2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons
  • Arrington Nascar Grade Steel Piston Rings
  • K-1 H Beam Bushed Connecting Rods w/ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
  • Wrist Pin & Locks
  • ARP Head Studs (optional)
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Billet Main Bearing Caps (optional)
  • Cleveite H Type Main and Rod Bearings
  • Cleveite Cam Bearings (If Required)
  • Mopar Performance Block Plugs
  • Gun Shot Paint - Choice of Colors
  • Miscellaneous Parts (missing plugs, clips, etc…)
Short Block Labor: Dissemble, Inspection & Validation
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Dissemble Core (If Required)
  • Hot tank block & remove all liquid contaminants
  • As Received Measurements
  • Sonic Check Cylinder Bores
  • Clean Oil Galleys
  • Bore Scope Cavities (If Required)
  • Hand Chase Threads (If Required)
Machine Shop
  • Validate Deck Surface
  • Validate Bore Centerlines
  • Bore Cylinders
  • Hone Cylinders w/Honing Plate
  • Install Billet Main Caps (optional)
  • Line Hone (If required)
  • Hand Clearance for Stroker Kit
  • Balance Rotating Assembly (we do not depend on factory balance)
  • Remove all flashing
  • chafer all 90° corners
  • Radius bottom of all cylinder bores
  • Other proprietary block operations.
Short Block Final Assembly:
  • Install Cam Bearings (If Required)
  • NASCAR Grade Block Finish.
  • Engineered High RPM Oil System:
    • Maintain .0625" chamfer radius throughout oil system.
    • Other proprietary oil system operations.
  • NASCAR Grade Rotating Assembly Setup:
    • Micro-polish all bearing surfaces (including wrist pins).
    • Micrometer measurement of all bearing surfaces
    • Hand match individual bearings to journals maintaining .0001" tolerance to specified clearances.
    • Other proprietary rotating assembly operations.
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