2013 5.7L HEMI Hi-Power 8LB Supercharger Kit by Arrington Performance

Dimensions:16 x 24 x 36
Weight:150.0 lbs
Installation Skill Rating:
Arrington Performance
Price: $7,550.00

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2013 5.7 Tuning Now available!

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2013 Arrington Performance Supercharger with FREE SHIPPING!*

As most new Challenger owners know, no one has been able to crack the 2013 HEMI PCM. As a result, the aftermarket support for these cars has been limited. Sure a large selection of bolt-on parts exist for 2013 5.7L Challengers, Chargers, and Chrysler 300s- but without tuning they cannot be safely installed. Now Arrington Performance offers a supercharger kit complete with tuning for 2013 HEMI engines.

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About The Arrington Performance Supercharger

This forced induction kit for the 2013 5.7L Dodge Challenger, Charger, or Chrysler 300 is rated at 8lbs of boost. Simply put, this Eaton TVS based hybrid-roots HEMI Supercharger force feeds additional air flow and pressure to your motor, giving your Mopar large horsepower and torque gains*. The extra power is delivered over the entire power-band and kicks in instantly. What’s more, the low rpm power gains are dramatic due to the positive displacement blower system which adds pressurized air into the motor. *Estimated horsepower & torque, dyno numbers will vary.

2013 Tuning Solution

Arrington Performance is proud to announce the release of our "Proprietary Calibration Solution" for forced induction applications on the Chrysler 2013 GPEG based powertrains. The culmination of 2 years of intensive research and development allows us to provide a comprehensive calibration, not just a tuning modification (THIS IS NOT JUST A "TUNE"). These calibrations take full advantage of the dramatically increased processing power and the Powernet technology of the latest generation of GPEG PCM's. These calibrations produce more power with a smoother, OEM caliber, driving experience for daily driving while delivering maximum performance on the track. Our calibrations are good for 5lbs – 12lbs of boost pressure. Boost pressure beyond 12lbs will require custom calibration services delivered on site in our Martinsville, VA facility.

Advanced 6th Generation TVS Rotors

An Eaton TVS rotor group, like the one included in this Arrington Engines forced induction kit, offers many benefits over traditional roots style blower designs and even centrifugal systems. HEMI 5.7 owners will most appreciate the huge horsepower and torque gains(70%+ isentropic efficiency) with near instantaneous boost response. But features like lower noise and NO highway MPG penalty, that make the Arrington Supercharger something you can live with everyday. Whats more, with its advanced internal oiling system, you will not have to tap your oil pan or regularly change your superchargers oil.

8 Lb Kit Includes:
  • 2013 Dodge Challenger 5.7L
  • 2013 Dodge Charger 5.7L
  • 2013 Chrysler 300 5.7L
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