6.1 HEMI Ported Heads - Phase 4

74.0 lbs
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Upgrade to the top choice of our HEMI engine builders with the Arrington Phase 4 CNC Ported Heads. When tested against our competitors’ heads, these outperformed the nearest competitor by 18 horsepower. The valve springs, retainers and locators are upgraded and allow these heads to support cams up to .645” of lift.

The valve seats are single point CNC cut with a Newen Epoc using the same designs and processes as our Dodge P7, P8 and TRD Phase 14 Race Heads. All intake and exhaust ports are smoothed using our engineered and dyno proven custom CNC methods designed by our in house HEMI engine builders and engineers. We then re-test these designs using our custom built computer controlled dynomometers and in a custom built wet flow bench which flows in the proper direction unlike the standard wet flow benches which flow into the combustion chamber to exit the intake valve and port.


General Specifications:
  • CNC Ported
  • Single Point Cut CNC Valve Job on a Newen Epoc CNC
  • Upgraded:
    • PSI 1511 Springs
    • Retainers
    • Locators
    • Valve Seals
  • Capable of up to .645” Lift
  • Dyno tested 18hp more than closest tested Competitor
  • High Velocity Air Flow