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HEMI Power Trip : SRT8 Dodge Challenger - Tons of HP with Bolt-ons

Power Trip - Dodge Challenger SRT8

Ricky E. Of Fayetteville, NC loved his 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 but wanted a little more power under his right foot, so he brought his ride to Our team of HEMI engineers and engine builders installed a high performance top end including Phase 4 heads, a 586 lift cam, Arrington's signature 90mm throttle body, Kooks custom headers and a Corsa cat-back exhaust. The result of these bolt-on power adders? An astounding 108 HP increase at the wheels. That's 26% more power, without pulling the motor!

Even though it is his daily street driver, Ricky ran his new ride at the NMCA National Drags at Maple Grove, and is planning to show up at Charlotte for the Hot Rod Drags.

“The Dodge Challenger SRT8 is an awesome platform”, said Eric Hruza (pronounced Her-sa) of, “we love to pump power into the new HEMI LC platform.” “We test our performance parts individually for horsepower numbers but we seldom package them together on a stock bottom end because there are so many combinations To be honest these gains are better than I expected and the best thing is that they are repeatable!”

That last comment bears repeating. This kind of power increase is “repeatable!" Which means you can do it to your car. That is why we made Power Trip Package available on Log in and check it out.