Arrington Performance is moving to Brighton, Michigan!

All new installations will be performed at our shop in Brighton -- with the same great service and Mopar mastery. In the meantime, we know we have been hard to reach on the first try. Please be patient -- your business is important to us and we are getting back to those messages as quickly as we can.
The easiest way to make sure your message is captured is to email us at Thank you.

DId you know about our Hellcat 426 short block?
Need 1000HP? - here you go.
TRAKit at Ultimate Street
Car Challenge in NOLA!
Arrington Powered.

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HEMI Engine Builders – The Arrington Team

Our team of race-seasoned HEMI engine builders, tuners, machinists and dyno operators is second to none in racing. We are also experts at custom street rod work. Arrington is continuously introducing innovative new applications for muscle cars, classics, hot rods, and HEMI engines. We do direct R&D for Dodge Motorsports, and have won many Dodge Manufacturing Awards, as well as multiple Craftsman Truck Series Manufacturers Awards and the Engine Builders Award.

Our Sales Team