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Welcome to Arrington Engines, maybe the most amazing shop in all of racing – where champions get the Power to WIN. 103,000 square feet of the finest race engine development, manufacturing and testing program in the business. We are proud of our facility and love to give tours, but if you can’t get to Martinsville anytime soon, here are some highlights.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cleanliness - not what you might have expected from an engine shop. For good reason. This is a place where we examine every possible aspect of engine physics and chemistry that can possibly boost horsepower. And each modification, some of them literally microscopic, is measured and re-measured. No room here for dust, grime or other particles that could corrupt the pursuit of power.

The next thing you will notice is the awesome technology. Machines like no other, many of them designed and built by Joey himself, all of them customized to his precision specifications. And not only the heavy-iron tools that you might expect, but computers everywhere. Joey and his team of engine wizards realized long ago that to get the precision they needed, they would have to be at the leading edge of computer modeling and building.

Then there are the testing paddocks. Arrington engines go through rigorous testing at every phase, from engine to full chassis dynamometers. Notice the down-pointing air duct in the chassis dynamometer room - it is an example of Arrington passion for perfection. The air is actually blended in density, temperature and humidity to match real-track conditions. So a race team can literally test their car here in the mountains of Martinsville under the very different conditions of, say Phoenix International or Pocono Raceway.