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API Ported Heads and Head Packages

API ported heads set the standard with an industry leading CNC port design and a NEWEN Epoc single point valve job. Why settle for heads ported in someone's basement. 
Power Trip Packages
Our most popular top end kits for your HEMI include Head Cam and throttle body. These packages with the right additional components can add up to 150 horsepower. 
Stock Replacement HEMI Heads
Replace your stock HEMI heads with a set of newer heads if you are looking to bring back life to a blown engine or replace a set of worn out heads. 
Ported HEMI Heads
Upgrade your HEMI with a set of ported heads by Arrington Performance. Our heads are CNC ported and single point valve jobbed to provide the best horsepower and smoothest air flow. 
Valves, Stems, and Seals
Reseal you heads or replace worn out seals to maintain proper compression. Upgrade to titanium for a more durable race ready HEMI head. 
Springs and Accessories
Increase spring rate when upgrading your cam to get the most lift without damaging your engine.  
Rocker Arm and Accessories
Replace your rocker arms or add stabilizer straps to improve the durability and power of your valvetrian. 
HEMI Valve Covers
Cover up your heads with a new set of valve covers. Covers are also offered in plastichrome and billet to add a show finish to your HEMI.