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HEMI Carbureted Restoration Packages

Want to keep the carbureted HEMI but add the reliability of modern HEMI performance and easy to find replacement parts? Arrington has all the HEMI conversion parts in one location for the do-it-yourself warrior or can tackle a project car for you in our installation center. 
Carbureted Hemi Engine packages
Keep the carbureted HEMI but add the reliability of modern HEMI performance. 
Gen III HEMI Distributor Conversions
Put a late model HEMI in your early Model Muscle Car. This is accomplished by exchanging the stock timing cover with a precision replacement unit designed to house a distributor; eliminating the need for electronic ignition. 
Plug and Cable Kits
These Kits allows for easy conversion to aftermarket EFI for late model HEMI engines. Kits include everything you will need for your vehicle transformation. 
Coils and Ignition Boxes
Want to add a performance fuel injection system to your distributor-less ignition type EFI? These boxes allow you to plug into the factory sensors of your HEMI and add a High performance Fuel injection tune. 
Carbureted HEMI Engine Accessories and Kits
Converting your HEMI to an old-school Carbureted engine? Explore the many accessories and kits that are available to get the most out of your Carbureted HEMI engine.