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Arrington Performance HEMI Supercharger Maximum horsepower for your HEMI from a TVS supercharger! This forced induction kit for the Dodge 6.1L and 5.7 platforms, such as Dodge Challenger LC, Dodge Magnum LX, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300c is rated at 8lbs or 12lbs of boost. Simply put, this Eaton TVS based hybrid-roots HEMI Supercharger force feeds additional air flow and pressure to your motor, giving your Mopar huge HP and TQ gains*. The extra power is delivered over the entire... 
Product Rating:
Weight:125.0 lbs
Arrington Performance Power Trip Package The Arrington Performance Power Trip Package is one of the best upgrades on the market. This package can be tailored to your specific needs for now and your goals for later on down the road. With the right combination of parts and proper tuning you can put down up to 100hp over your factory hp rating and still have a car that can be driven daily.  Ricky E. Of Fayetteville, NC loved his 2009 Challenger SRT-8 but wanted a little more under... 
Product Rating:
Weight:100.0 lbs
Our most popular parts package is now available for VVT HEMI Vehicles! Add up to 81 Horsepower and 69 ft. lbs of Torque with our VVT head and cam package. This package includes our Arrington CNC Ported Heads, VVT Camshaft package, Pushrods, and Phase limiter/lock. Select the camshaft of your choice and other performance parts to maximize your new HEMI Engine powered build. Interested in installation at our Martinsville, VA facility? Purchase installation with your package and get your core... 
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Weight:100.0 lbs
HEMI BBQ SAUCE: The original Mopar recipe to HEMI power your next meal. Next time you grill out let others know what kind of power a HEMI packs. This sauce has just the right amount of heat and comes in an 18oz collectable glass jar that makes a statement even when the barbecue sauce is gone. Get your grill on!Ingredients: Catsup, Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Vinegar, Onions, Garlic Salt, Worcestershire sauce, and Spices.Nutrition Information: Serving Size: 2 Tbsp. (37g)Servings Per Container:... 
Product Rating:
Dimensions:6 x 4 x 4
Weight:2.0 lbs
The Arrington Performance S/E Air Oil Catch CanThe new Arrington Performance S/E Catch can provides the same first stage filtration as the Arrington Performance HEMI Air Oil Separator but removes the second stage filter to provide a more compact and economical design to customers who want to add a second catch can to their high horsepower racing HEMI or a first catch can to their mostly stock HEMI powered vehicle. This catch can provides a solution that still packs the engineering and design... 
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Dimensions:12 x 6 x 6
Weight:2.0 lbs