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Red's 426 HEMI Powered 2012 Charger SRT
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Red's 426 HEMI Powered 2012 Charger SRT!

Supercharged Charger SRT

Mopar's history of special editions is alive and well in modern form, including this very nice 2012 Dodge Charger SRT. Who doesn't stop and look at a yellow and black Super Bee cruising down the road? Red brought his in to get a much bigger "sting" for his Bee. It still says 392 on the hood and side emblem, but that would be a mis-direction -- now it has 426 cubic inches. Then we added a Procharger F-1A supercharger and tuned it up to 860RWHP. As impressive as the SRT's 420-430 stock RWHP is, this is DOUBLE what it had from the factory.

And it still has four doors and the reliability and comfort for a daily driver. Style AND power -- the best combination for a "Bee".

Underhood Shot!
Dyno graph!
Real Dyno Results

This 2012 Charger SRT features the following upgrades: