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Steve's 392 Stroker HEMI and Arrington Supercharger Powered 2009 Challenger R/T
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Steve's 392 Stroker HEMI and Arrington Hi-Power Supercharger on a 2009 Challenger R/T!

Arrington 392 HEMI Powered, Supercharged 2009 Challenger R/T

This 2009 Challenger came out of Petty's Garage with an Arrington supercharger and lots of Petty's Garage improvements. It was a very nice, high-power build from the start, with a shaker setup that pre-dates the Dodge offering. As is often the case, more power creates a demand for even more power -- so it came to Arrington a few years later for a refresh.

The supercharger was maxed out for running on a stock block -- any more boost and the block would be at risk. Because we were forging the block and rebuilding it for more boost, we had the opportunity to get more displacement, too. Using the same block, just bored and stroked with all new forged moving parts, his V8 displacement moved from 345 cubic inches to 392. Now we can go with a smaller supercharger pulley and a crankshaft overdrive to get to 14 psi of boost. The result? An astonishing 655 RWHP (that's Hellcat-equivalent) from the smallest of Chrysler's modern V8's.

And with that much power, we recommended a new transmission, torque converter and axles. No use putting in all that power and then immediately breaking something else. We've seen it too many times.

Underhood Shot!
Steve's 392 HEMI Powered and Arrington Supercharged 2009 Challenger R/T
Dyno graph!
608 Rear Wheel Horsepower Charger Powered by Arrington Performance

This 2009 Challenger R/T features the following upgrades in this refresh:

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