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George's 392 HEMI Powered ProCharged Jeep Cherokee SRT8
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George's 392 HEMI Powered ProCharged Jeep Cherokee SRT8!

George's 392 HEMI Powered ProCharged Jeep Cherokee SRT8

SUV power from the factory doesn't get any better than the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with a 6.4L V8 making 475 crank horsepower and 4 wheel drive. But as we always do, we made it better. George was committed to getting his supercharged Jeep in top shape, so much so that when we had a spot to work him in, he drove straight to Martinsville from Canada and was waiting for us when we opened in the morning.

You could say his request was simple -- just turn up my ProCharger! Not so fast.....he was supercharged to the limit of his stock engine (about 6 psi). In order to increase that safely, for maximum power, and with the expectation of a lot of trouble-free miles, we had to upgrade the engine block, intake, fuel system, and tuning. The result at nearly 11 psi of supercharged boost, is 667 RWHP which should translate to 650+ HP to all 4 wheels. His drive back to Canada had a lot more git-up-and-go than the drive down!

Underhood Shot!
Underhood - Jeep SRT8
Dyno graph!
Real Dyno Results - Jeep SRT8

This 2015 Jeep SRT8 features the following upgrades:

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