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Kris's 392 HEMI Powered and Whipple Supercharged 2014 Challenger SRT
lead image

Kris's 392 HEMI Powered and Whipple Supercharged 2014 Challenger SRT!

Kris's HEMI Powered and Supercharged 2014 Challenger

This Plum Crazy 2014 Challenger was so fast it got away from its photo shoot and went out to the country before we captured its picture! But Kris was kind enough to send this excellent view of his car out in nature -- so we are keeping the trees in our glory pic.

Let's say you, like Kris, want to put 12 psi of forced induction boost on your 6.4L SRT V8 engine. Because fast car. So there are a few things needed before you can zoom on down the road with 719 RWHP -- a forged block to start. The block is completely disassembled and all non-forged parts are upgraded to forged, including the high-boost pistons. We upgraded the heads with new springs and changed the cam into something a lot more aggressive. The upgraded fuel system is also required at this power level to keep the engine from going lean because of lack of fuel pressure. Then we add a few goodies, like high-flow injectors, an overdrive damper to raise the boost level, and a catch can to make sure the oil is removed from air recirculating back into the intake. Full list below, and check out the nearly flat torque curve -- something you can feel every time you drive.

Underhood Shot!
Underhood - Challenger SRT8
Dyno graph!
Real Dyno Results - Challenger SRT8

This 2014 Challenger SRT8 features the following upgrades:

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