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Scott's Updated 426 HEMI Powered 2011 Penske Edition Challenger
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Scott's Updated 426 HEMI Powered 2011 Challenger!

2011 Challenger

Scott now occupies TWO spots on this list! Penske and Pennzoil put together this one-of-a-kind special edition for the first year the Challenger SRT8 went from the 6.1L HEMI engine to the 6.4L 392 HEMI and Scott snagged it. Shortly after, he brought it to us for its first upgrade to 601RWHP -- we put a 8 psi supercharger on it, with a fuel system upgrade, our cold air intake, and KOOKs headers. He got the MAX he could get without forging the block. It was the Hellcat of its day, the car that could take any other Challenger on the road.

After enjoying his pride-and-joy for a few years, this car had not changed -- it was still as fun and killer as it left here -- but maybe Scott changed. 600RWHP was not enough and too many other Challengers had even more power. Time to get a forged block and move up. The Arrington 426 set up for high boost was perfect.

Dropping in the new short block with a higher-performance cam did the trick. 696RWHP, almost 100HP gain using the same supercharger -- just cranking up the boost with a smaller pulley.

Underhood Shot!
Dyno graph!
Real Dyno Results

This 2011 Dodge Challenger features the following upgrades:

This list was the first makeover:

  • API Supercharger Kit - 8 psi pulley
  • API Custom Billet Fuel Hat
  • Arrington Cold Air Intake-Supercharger Edition
  • Kooks 6.1L Stainless Steel Headers
  • Kooks 6.1L Stainless Steel Catted Connection
  • Arrington Performance Front Strut Tower Brace

Now back for the second time:

The Arrington 426 block