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Challenger strut tower brace by Petty’s Garage

Weight:20.0 lbs
Installation Skill Rating:
Manufacturer:Petty's Garage
Petty's Garage
Base Price: $299.00
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Dodge Challenger Strut Tower Bar

Adding a strut tower brace by Petty’s Garage to your SRT8 Challenger will improve handling and braking, increase chassis rigidity and give your HEMI engine bay an added touch of style. This combination of form and function makes a HEMI strut tower brace, sometimes referred to as a strut bar or a strut brace, an impressive and cost effective performance suspension upgrade.

Development at Richard Petty’s Garage

This HEMI strut tower brace is built from only 6.2 lbs of .083 gauge hand bent and TIG welded Chromoly steel and was designed by race seasoned fabricators under “The King’s” supervision at Richard Petty’s Garage in Level Cross, NC. Engineered with HEMI racing performance in mind, this brace ties the two opposing strut towers together forming a single unit that minimizes strut tower flex during hard cornering and braking.

Why your New Dodge Challenger Needs a Strut Bar

In the LC body, the spring and shock absorber are combined as one suspension unit. This means that the Challenger’s entire vertical suspension load is transmitted to the top of its strut tower beside its powerful HEMI engine. Without the addition of a tower brace the reinforced portion of the inner wheel well is not directly connected to the main chassis rails. For this reason there is inherent flex within the strut towers relative to the chassis rails. A strut bar is designed to reduce this strut tower flex by tying the two parallel strut towers together. This transmits the load of each strut tower during cornering via tension and compression of the strut bar which shares the load between both towers and reduces chassis flex.

Improved Handling

When taking a turn, it is normal for a car's strut towers to flex. This flex can reduce traction to the inside turn tire and in some extreme cases may cause a loss in traction. The Dodge Challenger strut tower brace by Petty’s Garage keeps the strut towers of your HEMI powered Challenger from flexing by distributing the pressure applied to one strut tower to both towers when taking a turn. This proper transfer of load forces results in improved chassis rigidity, reduced under steer, improved tire wear and minimized metal fatigue in the strut tower area. A Petty’s Garage strut brace between the two strut towers is a great way to solidify your HEMI Challenger’s suspension.

Unmatched Petty’s Garage Quality

Strut bars reduce body flex in the front end, and improve handling and drivability by tying in critical chassis points therefore must be made from the highest quality materials available. The materials in the Petty’s Garage Challenger Strut Tower Brace were chosen based on the unique requirements of Race inspired and performance Challengers 4130 Chromoly .049 wall tubing is hand bent and TIG-welded by race seasoned fabricators under the direction of “The King” who personally approved this performance Challenger Strut Tower Brace. Many other strut bars on the market are poorly fabricated aluminum and may add up to 12 lbs to your Challenger! The strut tower bar by Petty’s Garage weighs only 5.5 lbs and is stronger per pound than its competitors.

The Strut Tower Brace by Petty’s Garage Fits:
  • 2008 Challenger LC
  • 2009 Challenger
  • 2010 Challenger
Additional Styles are available to fit your Supercharged Challenger or Challenger with a hood and scoop by Cervini’s.  
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