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HEMI Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Magna Charger Supercharger

Weight:125.0 lbs
Magnuson Superchargers
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Dodge Ram HEMI Supercharger by Magnuson  

You don't know how easy it is to get more power from your Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L V8 until you see this Magnuson supercharger kit. For 2009-2016 Ram 1500 Trucks, expect to see 100 to 120 additional horsepower at 6 psi. Whether you’re towing that boat up a grade, or loading down the bed with your daily work needs, your ride will thank you, and you will absolutely love the performance gain from this kit. These intercooled systems are complete with all the components necessary for installation -- manifold, intercooler core, coolant circulation pump, heat exchanger, and all the necessary hardware to complete the entire installation. This system does not require any hood modification.

Powerful Technology:

Magnuson's TVS 2300 HEMI supercharger uses the same technology as the Corvette ZR1, Camaro ZL1, all supercharged Audi cars, and the Jaguar F-type. The advanced four-lobe, twin 160º high-helix design produces cooler operating temperatures, increases air flow, has a wider operating range, higher pressure capability, and quieter operation.

With this technologically advanced system, your HEMI will achieve extreme power levels, while maintaining the street-ability of your ride. Magnuson supercharger systems deliver power at the most frequently used areas of the torque curve, meaning that you will feel the power to the wheels on your daily driver as well as at the track.

The Complete Kit:
The package contains Magna Charger's all new patented cast aluminum high velocity intake manifold, MP2300 TVS supercharger, intercooler core, coolant circulation pump, and heat exchanger. Of course, all of the fittings, lines, belts, and hardware are included. You will not need to purchase any additional components to perform your forced induction HEMI transformation. Additionally, it is completely bolt-on. No welding, cutting, hood, or body modifications are required.

Additionally, this supercharger kit comes with all the needed tuning and fuel system upgrades your HEMI will require to handle the boost this blower delivers. New high capacity fuel injectors, upgraded extruded aluminum fuel rails, factory "push-lock" connectors, and a Trinity Tuner all come with the kit. The included DiabloSport Trinity Tuner module ensures proper calibration of the air/fuel and ignition timing settings to optimize and manage increased torque, horsepower, and MPG of your supercharged HEMI system.

Quiet Operation:
Magnuson's ingenious integral bypass valve design is actuated by a vacuum canister near the throttle body; thereby preventing the supercharger from producing boost by re-circulating the induction air back to the supercharger inlet. Since your HEMI engine only sees boost a small amount of your total driving time, the bypass ensures you get better fuel economy and a quieter ride, while your engine is under vacuum. This is achieved without sacrificing any performance gains.

Specially designed inlet and outlet port geometry, in conjunction with the helix angled rotors, reduce pressure variations resulting in smoother discharge flow and a lower level of noise during operation. Furthermore, Magnuson's engineer's have designed the ducting and mounting points with acoustics in mind. You'll hear the deep sound of your V8 HEMI engine without supercharger noise.

Fuel Economy:
A typical HEMI vehicle equipped with a Magnuson supercharger shows no fuel economy penalty for highway driving and only a one mile per gallon decrease for city driving. You only see the fuel usage go up when you are having fun with all of that extra power in the boost portion of the power curve.

Quality and Reliability:
Magnuson has been manufacturing top quality superchargers for over 40 years. Numerous 500 hour durability tests established have been conducted on Magnuson superchargers, proving their products have industry leading durability and quality. Additionally, numerous vehicles have successfully completed 100,000 mile vehicle durability tests.

Magnuson Supercharger vs. a Turbocharger:
The low RPM power that a supercharger yields is more useful the than high end power that a turbo provides, especially for large displacement HEMI engines. At lower engine RPMs a Magnuson Supercharger will provide a much greater average in under the curve horsepower and torque over a turbocharged system.

This is largely because a supercharger is connected by an engine belt, instead of driven by exhaust gases like a turbo. Superchargers pump extra air into the engine in direct relationship to crankshaft speed. Power is delivered instantly and, unlike a turbo, no lag occurs, boost is instantaneous.

  • Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L HEMI Trucks 2009 - 2016
  • 2015-2016 Trucks require an unlocked PCM. See options above 

  • 2300 Hybrid-roots supercharger
  • Installs in less than 1 day
  • 100% complete bolt-on system
  • No hood modifications are required
  • More power in a smaller package
  • Internal Bypass Valve: Valve virtually eliminates parasitic loss 
  • Delivers a proven 30 to 66% increase in real world "under the curve" power
  • High thermal efficiency (up to 76%)
  • 2.4 pressure ratio capability
  • Twin four-lobe rotors featuring 160-degree twists
  • High helix angle rotors
  • Redesigned inlet and outlet ports
  • Improved air-handling characteristics
  • Acoustically designed for noise and vibration reductions

Included Components:
  • 6th Generation TVS MP2300 Supercharger with integral bypass valve
  • Patented cast aluminum high-velocity port intake manifold with integral water-to-air intercooler
  • Intercooler core
  • Coolant circulation pump
  • Heat exchanger
  • Extruded aluminum fuel rails
  • 8 high capacity fuel injectors
  • Front and rear fuel rail crossovers to ensure adequate fuel delivery under all circumstances
  • DiabloSport Trinity Hand-Held Tuner
  • Factory "push-lock" connectors
  • Fittings, lines, belts, and hardware
  • Plug and play throttle body wiring extension

  • Standard 3-year limited warranty
  • Optional 3-yr. / 36,000 powertrain warranty
  • Nose oil change every 80,000 miles

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