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AEM 1 Gallon Water / Methanol Injection Kit

Weight:8.0 lbs
Installation Skill Rating:
Price: $475.99
AEM Meth Injection 

The AEM Water/Methanol Injection kit with 1 gallon tank includes all the elements necessary to do water/methanol injection right on nearly every forced induction gasoline vehicle. Imagine having the benefits of a super efficient intercooler and race gas-like detonation control but for hundreds of dollars less and all packaged in a complete kit. Run more boost and ignition timing to gain as much as 20% more horsepower while still using pump gas!

Reduces Inlet Air Charge Temperatures

Water/methanol injection helps to reduce inlet air charge temperatures and suppress detonation. A highly atomized mist of water/methanol mix is injected into the inlet airstream where it immediately starts to evaporate. The air charge temperature is reduced through evaporative cooling as the fluid changes states and goes from a liquid to a vapor. This “liquid intercooling” effect can reduce intake air temperatures by as much as 100°F or more! A cooler, denser air charge delivers more oxygen that allows for more fuel to be burned and more horsepower to be made. A cooler air charge also helps increase the knock threshold by reducing the chance of pre-ignition and detonation.

Reduces Knock

Combined, water and methanol can significantly increase your effective anti-knock index allowing for higher boost pressures and more ignition timing advance. Water absorbs heat which allows it to reduce excessive combustion temperatures and slow down the combustion rate. By slowing and controlling the combustion rate the chance of detonation occurring is greatly reduced. Methanol is a cool burning, high anti-knock rated fuel that also helps to cool and control combustion.

Reduces Carbon Deposits

Water/methanol injection will reduces carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber and in the intake manifold. Many engines use Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) for emissions control which can lead to massive carbon build up inside the air intake. Water/methanol injection will help to eliminate this build up and promote better airflow for better engine efficiency. Reducing carbon build up in the combustion chamber helps to reduce “hot spots” that can cause unwanted pre-ignition and detonation. In some instances, water/methanol injection can also slightly increase fuel economy.

Methanol Mix

AEM strongly recommends that users never exceed a 50% methanol concentration when using any AEM Water Methanol system or component.

All AEM Water/Meth injection systems and components (pump, lines, fittings, filter, flow sensor, tank, and nozzles) are 100% chemically compatible with methanol. However, for safety reasons we strongly recommend that users never use more than a 50% methanol concentration in our systems.

Methanol is a toxic and highly flammable chemical. 100% Methanol ignites easily and burns vigorously with an almost undetectable flame. Methanol can be absorbed through the skin and even small amounts can cause blindness or even death. Using this fluid at high pressures, without dilution, in an under-hood environment with nylon lines and push-to-connect fittings is very unsafe. The performance advantages of using greater than 50% methanol concentrations are small, if they exist at all. However, the safety issues are very real and far out weigh any perceived benefit of running high concentrations of methanol.

  • Universal Fitment - Compatible with most Gasoline
  • Recommend for Supercharged or Turbocharged Vehicles
  • 1 Gallon tank with built in low level switch
  • Boost referenced progressive controller
  • “Boost Safe” readiness safety system
  • One machined billet injector with integral check valve to prevent unintended flow
  • Three interchangeable injector nozzles to cover a wide range of HP levels
  • Recirculation-style pump with integral fittings
  • LED dash light for system status and low fluid warning
  • 20 ft. of injection tubing
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