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Award-Winning Pro-Touring Car 1971 Barracuda Runs Arrington Power

Gilbert Haas, owner, and Michael Staveski of RMR Dream Cars have a lot to be proud of when they show this immaculate and rare 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. At Arrington, we are proud that this beauty is powered by a modern 392 HEMI, our wiring control system and tune, and an Arrington supercharger. We can't say much more about it than Street Muscle Magazine already does in this fantastic article with tons of pictures.

Haas 1971 Cuda

We thought we would just give you a sneak peek at the car here and encourage you to go read the article.


Gil Haas and Mike Staveski with the Pro-Touring 'Cuda.

It's not just a pretty face - Arrington Power and a Viper suspension lets him run the cones with the best of them.

'Cuda cones
under hood

We know you wanted a good look under the hood!

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