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Arrington Performance Sponsors New HEMI Drag Race Class at Mopars and Muscle Cars at the Strip in Las Vegas

Arrington 426

And no one is surprised when the winner of the class is Arrington-powered!
Congratulations Alex Rogeo on the WIN using an Arrington 426-based engine!

Alex Rogeo lands in the winner's circle with her Dodge Magnum, sponsored by Arrington Performance and Magnuson Superchargers with a best time on the track of 10.00 in the 1/4 mile.

And click herefor a video of the winning pass in the final.

Rogeo Arrington-sponsored win with 426

Arrington representatives were there at the MATS show to support Alex and make sure everyone knows how versatile the 426 platform is for daily drivers and leading-edge racing.


Mopars and Muscle cars At The Strip has been bringing Mopar drag racers and fans to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dragstrip for years, with car show judging, drag racing, autocross and ride-along hot laps (this time in Hellcats). 2100 miles is a long way for us to travel, but we loaded up the 426 Challenger and drove it the whole way to Vegas for the show.

We also brought our new 426 logo (see above) and the new 426 banner you can see here at LVMS. It was so well-received, everyone wanted to take a banner home. Look for it soon for sale on our web site.

The 426 HEMI stroker is made from either a 6.1L block or a 6.4L block where we refinish every surface and replace every moving part in the short block with forged components. It is available as a short block, long block (with or without ported heads), or crate motor. The forged components allow the block and pistons to hold up to high-boost and intense race conditions like Alex's 10.00 second 1/4 miles run over and over again throughout the weekend. Her motor posted 900 crank HP on the engine dyno. Her previous Arrington motor went three seasons with no refresh or damage -- the only reason she wanted to change was to get more power! We expect this 426 to last just as long and win more races.

426 in LV
Morning in LV

And our customer, Sal Danley (thanks Sal!) brought his 2015 Charger with a 426 to the show. Even though it is in show-car condition, with 22-inch wheels and street tires, he took to the track and raced it in the mid-13s. When it wasn't on the track, it was in our tent showing off his custom brakes, lights, hood, wheels and engine dress in B5 Blue.

The two 426-engine cars drew a lot of traffic -- one 2010 Challenger SRT and the 2015 Charger R/T both 500 RWHP cars.

Arrington Setup in LV
Arrington 426 Challenger

Here is the 2010 Challenger up close. The metallic fleck in this OEM paint really shows up in the bright sun! The Hotchkis suspension lowers it to just the right stance and the 305 back tires really fill out the wheel wells. With the Hotchkis sway bars and the Arrington steel strut brace, the auto-cross course (Hotchkis-sponsored event, of course) was a breeze.

Enough about Arrington - here are a bunch of photos from the weekend, most of them featuring our winner, Alex Rogeo.

Rogeo Rogeo
Rogeo Rogeo
Rogeo Rogeo
Danley Danley