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Since the 1960's, the 426 HEMI engine has made an indelible mark on NASCAR, racing, and normal street cars. Of course none of those street cars are really "normal" with 426 cubic inch V8 power. Buddy Arrington raced in NASCAR with the Gen2 HEMI 426 described in this article and available on street cars from 1966 to 1971. Nowdays, Buddy's legacy -- Arrington Performance -- builds on the third generation Gen III platform, offering today's 426 in the same tradition, from racing to exceptional street cars.

Just to get you started, here are some remarkable customer builds based on the 426 HEMI block

Now some more detail -- Just what is a modern 426?

The platform for every single 426 is the short block. Also known as a HEMI stroker, we take the Chrysler 6.4L engine block and bore it out to a slightly larger diameter then use a forged crankshaft, rods and pistons (made to our proprietary specifications) to increase the piston stroke. We put in a forged Manley (or Molnar) crankshaft, new Clevite bearings and forged Mahle pistons. When we are done with our NASCAR-style makeover, every moving part is replaced and the block can be built to over 1000HP without fear of internal part failure.

We also make 426 strokers from 6.1L blocks using the same methods. Other displacements are available as well -- please ask or review the Engines page.

You can swap out your short block, or get even more upgraded parts by purchasing a 426 long block. The long block includes the cylinder heads, valves, pushrods, lifters, rocker arms, and valve springs. Custom assembled from OEM and upgraded parts, the entire valve train is built to our specifications for maximum performance and reliability. To drive the new valve train you get a new timing chain, camshaft and oil pump. If purchased as a long block and used with only our approved power-adders, our 426 engines are warranted for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Arrington 426 long blocks have our proprietary inlet porting and matched valve shaping for maximum low-turbulence air flow into and out of the engine. We assemble the heads with new PSI springs and use ARP head studs and Cometic gaskets to mount the heads onto the block in our state-of-the-art engine shop.

Finally, we come to the full monty, the 426 crate motor. This fully ready, drop-in motor is usually purchased by shops doing restoration projects (resto-mod) where a modern HEMI is put into a hot rod or classic car, giving it the full advantage of a modern engine while keeping the classic look. We offer wiring systems to go with these engines for control of the fuel injection and other engine operating parameters. Anywhere you need 585HP of raw, naturally-aspirated HEMI power, just let us know.

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