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Arrington Employee In The Challenger's Trunk Caption Contest Winner

Contest Winner

ChuckWagon is the WINNER of this week's Caption Contest featuring Arrington employee Matt. For those not familiar with the contest, Arrington challenged members of the lxforums to come up with a humorous caption to this picture of Matt working from inside the trunk of a Challenger. Read ChuckWagon's entry below.

Arrington Trunk Monkey

The Trunk Matt

The Trunk Matt is a reliable device specially designed for the car owner who demands the very best of the best for their car. The Trunk Matt is completely wireless, doesn't need batteries, is virtually maintenance free and comes ready to use right out of the box. The Trunk Matt is a tool. The Trunk Matt is not for every car owner, since the design and usage parameters are pretty specific. The Trunk Matt comes with a TON of cool features like stealth mode: nobody will ever know he's in the trunk, detail mode: when Trunk Matt isn't busy in the trunk, he can actually move outside of the vehicle to clean and maintain that shine you like so much, race mode: this is where Trunk Matt actually braces himself so hard starts and stops don't damage his extremities. He can even act on verbal commands and is excellent in providing status feedback via voice, text, tapping or other pre-configured methods.

The Trunk Matt is not sold in stores and is not to be confused with Fender Matt or Floor Matt. Trunk Matt is shown here with optional accesories, like the custom heated rear bumper cover blanket, high output battery charger and hydraulic lift.

Call now to reserve you Trunk Matt today! You too can be cool!

***call for pricing***

-ChuckWagon lxforums