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Performance HEMI Engines With Racing Technology

Arrington Engines was originally established to build high-performance cars for professional NASCAR and NHRA race teams. The most demanding drivers have turned to us, including Penske, Petty, and Ganassi. Once the word hit the streets that demanding drivers were turning to Arrington Engines to build their race cars and their personal cars too, word about our stroked HEMI engines and custom performance parts started to travel. Arrington is continuously introducing innovative new applications for late model American muscle cars, classics and hot rods. The company operates from a 105,000 sq. foot facility that houses the finest race engine development, manufacturing and testing program in the business as well as the cutting edge shopHEMI.com performance parts website and their staff. Take the tour...

Our team of race-seasoned engine builders, tuners, machinists and dyno operators is second to none. We have won many Dodge Manufacturing Awards, as well as multiple winners of the Craftsman Truck Series Manufacturers Award and the Engine Builders Award. Meet team Arrington...

The HEMI History of Arrington Engines

Stock car racing took a sharp turn for the faster in the ‘60s when Richard Petty and his pal Buddy Arrington began driving cars powered by a hemispherical combustion chamber engine, AKA "HEMI engines." In 1964, Richard and his Plymouth won the first of what would become a record-setting 7 Daytona 500s.

Buddy’s son tinkered and toiled to squeeze ever more power out of these machines. It wasn’t long before anybody could buy a Hemi engine but the trick for the track was making our engines better and faster than theirs. Winning race drivers know that their under-the-hood power is part science and part art. It was here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that the power to win became an art form. Today our staff is still made up of race seasoned Hemi engine experts, engineers and builders and they are still the best in the business. Learn about our HEMI Heritage...

Meet Buddy Arrington
Buddy Arrington

It all began back in 1983 with Buddy Arrington and Car #67. Buddy was an independent NASCAR owner/driver wh competed in the Winston Cup series for 25 years, before it became the Nextel Cup.

Born July 26, 1938 in Penhook, south-central Virginia, 25 miles from the Martinsville Speedway, Buddy began racing as soon as he felt the power of a rear-wheel drive Mopar behind him. His predilection for Chrysler and Mopar came from his teens, when he used to race HEMIs up and down the roads of Virginia with friends and became a fan of the Petty’s. “Once you start with something, and you like it, you stay with it,” says Buddy. There was never an alternative in his mind, until the manufacturer ended its supply of cars and parts dried up, and there was no choice.

Buddy raced informally on the streets with great success. No one could beat Buddy in his ’60 Plymouth Fury, (which still runs today at 68,347 miles). Meet Buddy Arrington...