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Arrington Performance introduces Billet 84mm & 88mm replacements for Magneti Marelli Throttle Bodies

Arrington Performance 84mm and 88mm Throttle Bodies

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In model year 2013 Chrysler introduced the Magneti-Marelli drive by wire throttle body for its HEMI V8 engines. This brushless motor design required a complete re-visioning of the previous VDO based Arrington part.

Arrington is the originator of the late model HEMI big bore throttle body, and the only manufacturer to supply true, full-bore HEMI throttle bodies for 2013 and newer Dodge and Chrysler HEMI V8 engines. Arrington manufactures proprietary billet throttle body housings, not re-worked stock housings. This allows API to design and build throttle bodies that measure the advertised diameter throughout the bore and at the blade.

Arrington Performance Throttle Bodies Feature:
  • Actual, 84mm or 88mm Bore and Blade in a New Billet Housing
  • Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Designed, Engineered and Manufactured by API
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • All new internal parts
  • No core required
* Optimal Function Requires ECM Calibration
Arrington Performance 84mm and 88mm Section Comparison to Stock 80mm Magnet Marelli

Using industry standard flow bench equipment and methods, engineers at Arrington have tested a wide range of ported, tapered and full flow throttle body (TB) designs. The only measurable gains found were in true diameter throttle bodies.

Arrington development runs three tests for throttle body assessment:
  • Test #1: The throttle body tested as a standalone part.
  • Test #2: An API carbon fiber Cold Air Intake (CAI) tube is fit the TB. All TBs perform better with a CAI tube installed as it reduces turbulence in the airflow around the inlet.
  • Test #3: An air filter is fitted to the CAI. All TBs will see a drop in airflow with a filter installed.

All flow bench results are thoroughly documented and proven repeatable.

Arrington Performance 84mm and 88mm Flow Comparison to Stock 80mm Magnet Marelli