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Arrington has been building and modifying Hemi engines since the beginning. We specialize in applying our winning NASCAR racing technology to power up your street car. Not only do we supply the hard-to-find MOPAR parts that you need, but you can also choose from exclusive "signature" performance parts developed by Arrington R&D. You can even spec your dream machine, and have us build, install and test it just for you.


Arrington Engines, nationally renowned builder and researcher for Dodge NASCAR engines and 3-time Dodge Manufacturing Award winner, offers performance-enhanced HEMI engines, customized parts and even signature cars to the public automotive aftermarket.

The Martinsville, Virginia based company with over 30 years of racing experience offers street-legal HEMI engines, producing up to 1000 horsepower using NASCAR-proven technology and assembly. Engines such as a HEMI 426 built from a stock Gen 3 HEMI 392 are available on Arrington’s e-commerce site, www.shopHEMI.com. We use our racing experience and data to develop custom engines and aftermarket parts at the leading edge of technological innovation. NASCAR is in our blood and we hope to see Dodge back on the circuit -- in the meantime, check out our aftermarket line for you to use on the street, strip or track.