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shopHEMI.com True Street Featuring Chris H. & His 2009 Jeep Cherokee

shoHEMI True Stree featuring Sam H.
Chris: 8:00pm ... Couldn't be happier with my entire experience at shopHEMI.com!! They stand behind their products and have some great ones. I have the 11.3 to 1 HEMI 440 Stroker in my Jeep. The N/A motor is an animal, producing nearly 60 more hp and tq than my previous 426. I made 45 passes at a track rental in my Jeep and was chirping 2nd and 3rd gear.

Chris gave us a shout in August 2009 to give his Jeep Cherokee a serious power upgrade. Alex of shopHEMI.com knew just what to install in his Jeep to make it one of the fastest naturally asperated Cherokees on the planet...

HEMI True Street - Chris H. Jeep Cherokee SRT8