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shopHEMI.com True Street Featuring Josh R. & His Convertible Challenger

shoHEMI True Stree featuring Josh R.
Josh 1:30pm ... my father and I just took the new Convertible Challenger for a spin shortly after arriving at the Arrington Performance / shopHEMI.com facility. WHAT A BEAST! The addition of the new roll bars and supercharger just put this thing over the top. With 640 plus HP at the wheels, and 660ft lbs of torque, our heads stayed glued to the head-rest well into the triple digits on the speedometer.

Below you will find a parts list of what was installed in josh's incredible convertible Challenger to turn out 640 rear wheel horsepower and 660 ft. lbs. of torque!

Josh R. Parts List:
  • Arrington Performance 6.1 HEMI forged shoe-block
  • 12lb Arrington Performance Supercharger
  • Custom Air Intake
  • Custom powder coated roll bars
HEMI True Street - Josh R. Convertible Challenger