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shopHEMI.com True Street Featuring Mike D. & His Dodge Challenger LC

shoHEMI True Stree featuring Mike D.
Mike: 12:00pm... picked up my Challenger at Arrington Performance/shopHEMI.com on Frday and took it to the drag Strip in Richmond, VA for the 2011 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series. On my 3rd run, I put down a personal best of 9.86 seconds in the 1/4 mile! Arrington Performance has been working with me since September of 2009, and has been there to help me constantly push the limits of my Challenger to evolve it into the 9 second monster that it is today

Below you will find a basic parts list of what Arrington Performance installed on Mike's "gsochallenger" in order to transform it into a 9-second car.

Mike D. Parts List:

  • Arrington Performance Gen III 426 HEMI
  • Vortech V7 Supercharger
  • Drive line and suspension upgrades
  • And much more...
HEMI True Street - Mike D. Challenger